About Us

Ichi Tokyo MN is the finest sushi restaurant in Rochester MN and we will let each of our fresh prepared sushi prove to you through every bite. “Ichi” in Japanese means “Number One”, thus we strive to serve the highest quality of sushi and prepared for you to enjoy in a relaxing environment. We bring you Japanese cuisine that has a history of more than 300 years in as delicious and freshly prepared condition as possible.

Message from The president
“When Ichi Tokyo first opened its doors, I made a promise to our customers that we would prepare high quality, all of our food is nutritious and carefully selected for freshness and taste. We constantly offer new and exciting dishes throughout the year and use only the best  produce and seafood to prepare all of our dishes. We strive to deliver excellent service so that our customers feel at home when dining with us. At Ichi Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, we have a wide varirty of seletions for you to choose from so please mix and match your favorite sushi or try one of our ” local” style Bentos to go. Whatever you decide to order, I’m sure you will not leave disappointed. Ichi Tokyo is dedicated to giving you only the best.”